Elisys Consulting LLC

Independent Consultant and Freelance Designer

We provide technical consulting on various projects including embedded system, DSP, Wireless Communication, Video Codec development, Audio signal processing, web design and event photography.


  • Embedded system design
  • Web Design
  • Photography


  • Programming Languages: C, Assembly (x86, ARM, Sparc), Scripts (Perl, Tcl/Tk),
  • Processor: ARM, X86, Sparc, DSP (TI/ADSP/Qualcomm), MIPS
  • Wireless Communication Standards: GSM/GPRS/UMTS
  • Video Compression Standard: MPEG-2, H.264
  • Development Environments: Windows, Linux, vxWorks, Nucleus
  • Debugging Tools (ICE etc.) & different lab instruments.


  • Samsung Advance Imaging Lab: Optimize 3D image processing using CEVA/ARM/Neon
  • Solexel Inc: Design and develop smart solar module monitoring and controlling system. Technologies used includes ZigBee and PLC, job responsibility including system architecture design, technology evaluation, system level interface and protocol design, FW design and implementation and more.
  • Maxim Integrated: Design and implement power line communication system using TI DSP (6416, Fixed C, OFDM), system design, software implementation, hardware verification, performance test.
  • Nintendo Co., Ltd: Design and implement game audio processing firmware on Nintendo WiiU.
  • Texas Instruments: Design and implement DSP algorithm for filtering, synchronization, demodulation and decoding for GSM Sniffer using TI DSP (6614).
  • Airhop Communication: Implement LTE network organization algorithm on SON (Java).
  • Magnum: Design, implement and optimize video encoder firmware running on vxWorks. Bring up and test video transcoder HW
  • Elisys Consulting: Plan, evaluate & design system architecture for video surveillance system.  Implement video encode pipeline using C under Linux, based on X86 dual core platform.  Build, bring up and test the entire video streaming system end to end, covering video capturing, encoding, transmission, and display.